Australian Talent Announcement

News : 21-Jun-2023
Just announced as being part of the IMPACT Down Under tour, and also being featured on the live Pay Per View events to be seen around the world, are six of the best wrestling talents in Australia.

From Melbourne come ‘The Loose Ledge’ Adam Brooks, the spectacular Aysha and ‘The Business’ Slex; and from Sydney come international sensation ‘The Sniper of the Skies’ Robbie Eagles, ‘The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch’ Erika Reid and ‘The Indy Goddess’ Steph De Lander. 

All six are no strangers to wrestling fans not just in Australia, but across the globe, and being part of the IMPACT Down Under tour is only going to increase their global recognition.

But the real question is how the stars of IMPACT are going to fare against Australia’s best; with the talent on display, the international stars may not have it their own way.

Tickets to the Impact Downunder Tour are on sale now

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