Hey Hey, Conrad is coming to Ballarat

News : 1-Feb-2024
The first Starrcast overseas – finally locked in, and we are ready to go to Ballarat from April 11th to 14th.
Hey Hey, Conrad is coming to Ballarat

This has taken an incredible amount of work, and I want to give full credit to our major sponsor, Visit Victoria, and the hard-working team at Oceania Pro Wrestling led by my good friend Cam Vale, who has driven my team and me.

So, what is Starrcast – it seems some know it well, some know it in part, and some may have no idea.

Let me explain.

Starrcast started back in 2018 with Cody Rhodes and the now famous All-In wrestling event that led to the creation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).  Since then, we have held Starrcast six times across the USA, and running the Ric Flair Last Match in 2022.

Starrcast is about the fans – meet and greets, merchandise, stage shows and in a few select cases wrestling events.  It is to cater for fans who are watching all the content through to those who used to watch; there is something for everyone.

Ballarat, Victoria and our first international event will be a little different but still stay true to the core of Starrcast values around fan engagement.

With the headliners of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Mickie James, we have the best in the business, and as of today, we are entering the final stages of announcements of wrestling talent and legends.

With two distinct high-quality wrestling shows – HER on Friday night and Australian Stampede on Saturday night, we are bringing two of the best-ever independent international wrestling shows down under.

It, of course, is an event with commercial outcomes and deliverables and the value of some of the legends. We are keeping prices lower than what they would be in the USA despite the flight and visa costs to bring them out, and this is due to the support of our major sponsor Visit Victoria.

However, whether you are in the Platinum or Gold categories or single-day tickets, there is something for everyone, and there will be plenty of great value-free items also to announce.

But if I can say to fans one thing – every day is different, so if you can come for the entire event, I would highly encourage you to do so – it is where the value comes from, and tickets include general admission access to the two wrestling shows.

I am still a fan despite my many years now with Starrcast and my podcasts and I am exceptionally proud and excited to come to Australia for the first time, to the state of Victoria and what I am told is one of the best regional cities in all of Australia.

And as an official promoter and ambassador to Starrcast, I can reveal I am bringing four of my belts to showcase to fans.

  1. WWF Big Eagle from Mania 17,
  2. NWA/WCW Big Gold,
  3. Randy Savage's Intercontinental,

And one other – let the fans decide from these three:

  1. ECW World Title,
  2. WCW World Title
  3. WCW US Title

And to prove I am still a fan, and whilst I still can’t believe anyone wants a photo with me or my autograph, if you want it, it and a photo with my belts are part of the admission ticket – there is no online booking for me, just turn up and introduce yourself.

I look forward to seeing all my Aussie mates in a little over two months, this is going to be an exceptional event and week of fun and wrestling!

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