Mance Warner set to raise hell at Starrcast Downunder

News : 16-Feb-2024
The trash-talking Tennessean from Bucksnort, Tennessee is infamous for unleashing high-octane action between the ropes and chaos in bars across the southern wrestling circuit.
Mance Warner set to raise hell at Starrcast Downunder

Ballarat is about to experience the true force of nature that is "The Southern Psycho" Mance Warner. The former CZW World Champion and GCW Tag Team Champion is making his way down under for Starrcast Downunder, where he's sure to raise hell and create carnage like only Ol' Mancer can.

Known for his violent, unpredictable style both inside and outside the ring, Warner strikes fear into opponents with his rugged, no remorse fighting approach.

After making a name for himself on mid-south scenes, Mance Warner has established himself as one of the most unorthodox and dangerous fighters in the sport today. And Australian fans are about to witness the Southern Psycho's unique brand of mayhem firsthand when he arrives for Starrcast.

So get ready, Ballarat! Stock up on slabs of beer, batten down the hatches, and secure your tickets to see Mance Warner live. Ol' Mancer is coming to town, and he'll be doling out his signature lariats and raising hell down under in a way that only the Southern Psycho can deliver.

Don't miss out on the chaos - get your Starrcast Downunder tickets now to see Mance Warner wreak havoc live!

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