Six Man International Showdown Announced For Starrcast Downunder

News : 25-Mar-2024
Worlds collide at Starrcast Downunder
Six Man International Showdown Announced For Starrcast Downunder

Australian Stampede will host an explosive international collision as the trio of India's CWE Tag Team Champions JT Baba & Toofan Singh alongside the gigantic Shanky Singh lock horns with three of the finest from Down Under.

The Natural Classics, a decorated team that has conquered everywhere they have gone, join forces with the dynamic "Golden Boy" Emman Azman to form Australia's trio.

Adding an extra global flair, Bharat Sundaresan will take his place behind the microphone as special guest announcer for this East-meets-West showdown.

In one corner, the Indian trio brings a lethal combination of technical prowess, brute force, and an unbreakable bond forged through years of competition. JT Baba and Toofan Singh's tag team mastery is complemented by the sheer size and strength of the towering Shanky Singh.

On the other side, The Natural Classics have etched their names in Australian wrestling lore with their hard-hitting and dynamic style. Alongside them stands Emman Azman, whose "Golden Boy" moniker is well-earned through his blinding speed and high-flying manoeuvres.

With pride on the line, this colossal six-man tag team match promises to be a war zone of epic proportions. As the lights dim and Bharat Sundaresan's iconic voice booms through the arena, the stage is set for a clash that will rock Selkirk Stadium in Ballarat.


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